Formed in the south-side of Los Angeles, The Voodoo Fix is a larger than life rock band that blends genres of rock, funk, and southern soul into one seamless sound.  On their new album Back For More, the band ventured into the studio with a feel-good mindset that can be heard loud and clear. Grateful to call Nashville home, The Voodoo Fix brought an element of rock and funk to the local scene with well attended shows at some of Music City’s most popular venues.  Most recently, The Voodoo Fix won Lightning 100’s Music City Mayhem and is poised for success in Nashville and beyond. Live, The Voodoo Fix puts it all on the table leaving crowds ecstatic, energized, and hungry for more of the high-powered, soul-sustaining rock they provide night after night. The Voodoo Fix lives for their audience and makes music “for the express purpose of making people feel good.” According to bassist Will Halsey, “We are built from the ground up, independent to the bone. I think people appreciate our tenacity and work ethic. We give it everything we got and that comes across to our audience.” The unifying message certainly comes across in the music with lyrics like “You got to find what you love and let it kill you!” In totality, The Voodoo Fix is a band of blue collar road warriors with worldwide history and a formidable future. The Voodoo Fix is Abe Rivers (Vox-Guitar), Will Halsey (Bass-Vox), Scott Parrelli (Guitar) and Logan Todd (Drums) and they are coming to a town near you.

Press Quotes:

“To say their sound is eclectic would be an understatement.The Voodoo Fix does what very few bands can do well: they mesh together a multitude of genres and create something cohesive, unique, and catchy.”
Backbeat, NJ Times (USA)

“In Deep, which dropped earlier this year, is their very own concoction of rock, blues, funk, and punk and the record is one of the year’s best local releases.”
No Country for New Nashville

“…It’s their sheer talent and passion that set them apart…this is a band that pour their lives into their music and it shows.”

“…This music introduces some desperately needed soul to the scene.”

 “…Perfect style with their fusion of rock & blues into one harmonious soulful enriching sound…[and] ability to tell powerful colorful stories through their music.”
-Junior’s Cave